Housing Overview


"There is no place like home" - English proverb

"Physical and social features are an essential aspect of a care home, but so are the constituent parts that make up a home: what some BME elders call the soul of the house. Care is an essential aspect of this soul." (Patel, N 2006)

The issue of older people's housing is seldom headline news or treated as a priority. People often assume that most of the elderly live a life of contentment residing in a new, flashy state of the art retirement home with a name like Golden Living estate, equipped with various facilities and a golf course next door. This is not the case for the majority.

Living Standards

Many older people already live in appalling housing conditions which often lead to other problems such as ill health and increased isolation - not fit for the 21st century.

Matter of Economics?

Today, there is a much greater need and demand for housing, but sadly there is a lack of supply for decent, well built, and affordable housing for all ages. This has been compounded by the recession which has forced building companies to abandon housing projects suitable for an ageing population and hiked up the costs of maintaining existing mortgages.