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Our Work

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Who is PRIAE?

PRIAE is an international, independent, self financing charitable institute founded in April 1998. Its central mission is to develop the area of ageing and ethnicity through elder and community engagement, ground-breaking research, information and education, policy and service innovation.

The institute's work and fundraising was focussed around:

  • Employment and income
  • Health, Social Care and Housing
  • Pensions
  • Quality of life, Citizenship and Migration

Consequently all of PRIAE's work since its inception has been called first of its kind either in the method adopted; the area of focus and/or the scale of work achieved. To leverage resources and influence, PRIAE works with Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) elders and age organisations, policy makers, the voluntary sector, research bodies, care providers, academics, researchers and professionals.


PRIAE was born to highlight the issues and stark disparities elders face. It has remained distinct from other organisations in that it is the only specialist organisation in ageing and ethnicity and regards working with black and minority ethnic older people as 'normal' rather than 'hard to reach'.

This specialisation puts PRIAE in a unique position and has allowed it to play an essential role in making sure that black and minority ethnic older people's issues, experiences, solutions are represented in policy, research, information and practice - including opportunities created for their direct involvement.

PRIAE's Story

PRIAE was founded in 1998 by Professor Naina Patel OBE who recognised the need for a dedicated organisation that focused and concentrated on the various issues faced by black and minority ethnic elders and their organisations amid increasing population change and slow policy and practice developments.

'PRIAE established 14 years ago in the belief that if mainstream and age organisations continued to treat minority and migrant elders as 'projects' in the UK and across Europe with short term funding as a characteristic feature, the area would remain under developed; and would most certainly not be ready for me when I myself turn 80!' (Naina Patel, 1998).

Naina built PRIAE up with zero finance and with support from a distinguished Management Board, chaired by Lord Herman Ouseley and Vice Chair Lord Navnit Dholakia, Liam Hughes, Professor Sashidharan, Jeffrey Greenwood, and, later, staff when funds were secured in 2001, to the international organisation it is today. PRIAE has its first patron, Dr Chai Patel, CBE, FRCP.

Black and minority ethnic elders and communities are at the heart of PRIAE's work and their engagement and involvement has ensured that PRIAE has been motivated and informed by the real life experiences of BME elders. PRIAE in this sense has and always be a pioneer of community engagement not just as a method or research tool but as a vital measure of the realities that black and minority ethnic elders face.